Stop believing that wearing a paper/cloth mask could stop you catching a virus

Stop living in fear. Stop sitting on the fence, it's time to stand up.

Stop thinking we are powerless, we have common law, corrupt Governments can be overturned,  article 61 lawful rebellion 

Stop believing that if you take their experimental vaccine, things will go back to normal

Stop thinking about accepting a vaccine passport as a condition for your freedom
Stop believing the lies, Realise you can see the truth with your own eyes.


Think, why have the manufacturers of this new type of vaccine been given “immunity from civil liability” instead of the usual indemnification from liabilityare they expecting criminal charges?   why have they changed the law to increase protection for manufacturers?

Think, how did voluntary vaccinations to protect the vulnerable turn to mandatory vaccination for all? Why are they now coming after our kids?  haven't they psychologically damaged them enough already with the mask mandate?

Think, why did the Government spend over £1.1 Billion on advertising in the first 7 months of lockdown?  Using social engineering and behavioural science to terrify people so they will comply and stay in their homes?







What’s going on?

We are living in strange times, over 12 months into a 3 week lockdown to flatten the curve of the “Wuhan flu” a virus that the government declared no longer high risk on 21st March 2020?  then the corrupt and compromised Prime Minister Boris Johnson proceeded to announce a national Lockdown on the 23rd March 2020?

A novel, new extremely clever virus that knows how to tell the time, it knows if you drink on an empty stomach & knows if your meal is substantial, it can jump 5’11,  but not 6 foot. It’s so deadly that you have to have a swab inserted up your nose and/or throat to see if you have it.   Using faulty PCR testing, leading to massively inflated “asymptomatic” case numbers. manufacturing a pandemic.
Little reference to the co-morbidities that were the actual cause of death? 

The Establishments use of the Government & press keeps control by division, divide and rule, divide and conquer, black, white, brown, yellow, Hindu, jew, Muslim, Christian….

The troubles are an example of their constant dark evil , where both sides were so infiltrated by the FRU “fishers of men” that both of the opposing paramilitary groups intelligence units were at times being run by British intelligence, Brian Nelson and Freddie Scappaticci are just two examples of FRU agent provocateurs directing the murders and mayhem. How many deaths could have been avoided? How many have died taking secrets to their graves? How many more skeletons could be uncovered? How many of our current politicians are compromised by sins of flesh or are they looking over their shoulders to see if the Hound of Hades, Cerberus is watching them, still holding their depreciating millions in bribes in some offshore UK tax haven.

It’s hard to believe that the people of Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and the UK now trust their respective governments to be looking out for their health and welfare, after the last 10 years of Tory austerity and cuts to the NHS. The advertising campaign to “save the NHS’ should have been the wake up call for people, but most were starting to get caught up in a hypnotising wave of fear, panic spread with repetitive messages from the media. The pensioners they were supposed to be protecting, used like early sacrificial pawns, 30,000 thrown out of hospitals beds to make way for the coming “pandemic” carrying the ‘Wuhan virus’ into retirement homes, infecting the very people that the Government should have been sheltering. placing blanket Do Not Revive orders on our pensioners, and people with learning disabilities, illegally withholding this information from their relatives. hospitals acting on government guidelines wouldn’t allow relatives to see loved ones, increasing their sense of fear, anguish and loss. For the first time, people were told NOT to visit their doctors. The very people that you are taught to trust are the ones that you should be afraid of. Our Government and its SAGE scientists have lied from the very beginning of this Scamdemic.

The Wuhan virus became the China flu, then became Covid-19, the questionable WHO PCR test sensitivity guidelines providing high percentages of false positives. inflating statistics by Testing positive for a ‘coronavirus’ within 28 days now being classed as a covid death? Heart attack = Coronavirus, Dementia = Coronavirus, Stroke = Coronavirus, hit by a bus = Coronavirus, Suicide = Coronavirus? Non medical professionals able to state ‘coronavirus” on death certificates? . ‘coronavirus’ deaths then combined with flu to keep up the charade. no Influenza A, no Influenza B, no Flu, The slow, careful media soundbite changed from Covid-19 to ‘coronavirus

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