Control the media, control the narrative

The control of information has always been critical in times of war. We have been embroiled in a propaganda war from the 16th of March 2020. Behavioural science and peer pressure used to spread panic and fear. Reverse psychology so we would self police our muzzles ‘I wear my mask to protect you’ ‘we’re all in this together’ Using wartime nostalgia to keep up the moral, when it was really our own government waging a disinformation war on its own citizens. Early serious but stupid ‘mistakes’ by the Government led to the first wave of deaths. Clearing hospital beds for the coming “pandemic” sending sick pensioners into care homes, spreading the virus amongst the very people they claimed to be protecting. Blanket do not revive orders placed on thousands of pensioners without any notification to their relatives. No dissent was allowed. Anyone trying to question the official government line was ridiculed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and/or ostracized by the media. Over the last year, the censorship has steadily increased. Social media companies policing all posts and links to make sure that the only information available to us, is from their ‘trusted sources’ and verified by their very own ‘fact checkers’. The Nazis burnt books, FaceBook and Twitter etc burn links. Google decides the results of your searches.

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