London Protest 24th July 2021



Speech London 24th July 2021

Credit to TheTruthHunter




Speech London Freedom Protest 24th July 2021


Credit to TheTruthHunter




Speech London Freedom Protest 24th July 2021


Credit to TheTruthHunter




Speech London Freedom Protest 24th July 2021


Credit to TheTruthHunter




Speech London Freedom Protest 24th July 2021


Credit to TheTruthHunter


London Protest July 19TH 2021

Ex-Policeman Mark Sexton speech


Ex-Policeman Mark Sexton addresses the crowd in London 

His message to serving police officers

"Officers, you sign up to serve. I know it's intensely difficult, with partners, families, mortgages and families to worry about, to go against this corrupt agenda, but you must have empathy, you must care about your own family's future. Yes, police officers - what you are enforcing will have dire consequences for them, too"

Police Back down 19th July 2021


Members of the public trying to converse with the London police,  to request that they don't stop or harass the protest.

Requesting mutual respect and to be allowed to peacefully demonstrate.

Some people point out that the draconian lockdown rules will affect their own families too.

Zachary Denmans coverage of London protest 26th July 2021

Some coverage of the London Freedom March on the 26th June 2021

Some clips on the 26th June 2021 freedom protest march starting at Hyde Park and around to Trafalgar Square.

Zachary Denman Interviews some of the participants to get their views.

Again no Mainstream media coverage?

Oracle Film's coverage London protests 15th May & 29th May 2021

Oracle Films

Some highlights from our coverage of the freedom rallies in London on the 15th May and 29th May 2021.

The attendance numbers are now incredible, and they will only keep increasing. The UK will not stay silent any longer.

The power in the people is stronger than the people in power.

Freedom. Worldwide. We accept nothing less.

YouTube Link:

London protest Saturday 24th April 2021. Posted by Tyrant Finder UK.

No BBC coverage of the tens of Thousands marching in London Saturday 24th April 2021

Here you can watch some videos of the peaceful demonstrators thanks to Tyrant Finder UK
check their YouTube channel for more videos 

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Police Chased Out of Hyde Park After Attacking Peaceful Protest 24/04/2021

Thanks to Resistance GB for original post

Police are run out of Hyde Park after attempting to storm a peaceful musical protest by the band Jam For Freedom near Speaker's Corner. Bottles, Flares, Scooters, Insults and Pears are hurled. Continuing the Anti-Lockdown Freedom Protests of 24/04/20. ----


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London has led the opposition to lockdown, just because you don’t see it on the news, doesnt mean its not happening.

Trafalgar Square Protest

London September 19th, 2020

Professor Dolores Cahill addresses the crowd At Trafalgar Square.

Again no coverage of Trafalgar Square from the BBC?

Why do we pay for a TV licence?  Unbiased and fair reporting?