The Mainstream media has not given any coverage to the mounting evidence of adverse reactions to all of the Covid-19 mRNA "vaccines".   

More vaccine injured people are starting to speak up about their own experiences.

Do you have a story that you want people to know?

Wayne Cunnington


AstraZeneca  22nd February 2021


I got Brain Tissue Damage as a direct result of my covid vaccine causing high blood pressure which was a new side effect then. It took me 2 weeks to be taken seriously by my doctors and by the time a Gp finally told me to go for an examination I was dizzy, had crashing headaches, mentally confused, slurring my words, and had trouble walking. On immediate examination by my doctor he called me an ambulance and was in agreement with a paramedic for me to exaggerate my condition to get seen more in-depth but when they took my blood pressure it was 203/120 and I was then told not to worry as that was serious enough. Bearing in mind I was already in a seriously bad way as the doctor said to me on arrival. I was admitted to hospital for 11 days whereby I had Cat Scans, MRI’s, Deep Ophthalmic scans of my eyes and a lumbar puncture of which the last 2 weren’t needed they told me as clear evidence of the brain tissue damage was seen on the MRI’s which I have actually seen myself in a more recent Neurological appt. On 2 separate occasions consultants have told me that they see as likely in my future a prognosis of MS and/or Dementia. Since discharge from hospital my meds have been continually altered to counteract the ever increasing fluctuations in bp and headaches to that I’m now taking 5 separate bp meds which makes a total of 10 which includes pain relief and migraine medications. A more recent MRI was called for to further investigate a possible progression of the damage due to the drastically increased meds over the last few months which I also fear is occurring. I’m awaiting results of these as to hopeful next steps.


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