13th April 2021

Control the media, Control the narrative.

Where do we get our information from? Who do we rely on to tell us unbiased news?

Who decides what we can and can’t see by editing and censoring our news feeds?

How pictures, words and sentences are constructed can disguise truth and present half truths and lies as fact. Even when faced with obvious outright lies, some people still choose to believe the media over their own eyes. Having a chance to play a part in this reality TV pandemic disaster movie, obediently proving to their social media peers that they are virtuous and considerate by wearing a blue paper muzzle to stop the spread of this killer virus. Heads lowered, too busy watching their life on mobile screens to look up and see what’s really going on.

It’s time to awaken from this fear induced mass hypnosis, it’s time to open your eyes and start asking some real questions. Why are the media pushing these vaccines so hard? Using hard sales tactics, like mock shortages to try and encourage uptake. If there were any supply chain problems, why are they months ahead of schedule and ready to start vaccinating every child and infant in the UK this August? Can’t you see that we have all been played? It’s only a mask, it’s only a vaccine, it’s only an annual shot, it’s only an bi-annual shot because of the new “Variant strains” once you accept this, you will have to go for every shot in future… What about your kids?

What happens if the UK decides to follow in the USA’s footsteps? 43 vaccines before you’re 2 years of age! Where 1 in every 59 kids is on the Autism spectrum! Will your child be able to go to school or get a passport if you miss a shot? Every parent should watch Vaxxed & Vaxxed 2 these two movies are banned by mainstream media. As i’ve shown in part 1 Vaccination E-Passports have been on the Agenda since at least 2017. Governments have been trying to introduce National ID cards for decades, each time there has been civil unrest. Now, people have been duped into believing these vaccine passports are about keeping people healthy.

The coronavirus act has ensured that no demonstrations are allowed. £10,000 fine for organizing an “illegal gathering”. Not allowed to gather in groups larger than 6, £90 fines that can be doubled every hour, making sure the unemployed & bankrupted stay quiet. The rest easily silenced with their furlough bribes. Helicopter money suddenly appearing after 13 years of Tory austerity. The amazing amounts of money to be received from the world bank and IMF if they stick to the lockdown plan. The Coronavirus act 2020, was introduced by SoS Matt Hancock and Baron James Bethel on 19th March 2020. passed and given Royal Assent on the 25th. But, who actually writes these laws? Government advisors? Who advises them? Who are they answerable too? And why are our politicians allowed to vote on important emergency laws without having enough time to read and understand them?

Having access to honest and informed knowledge of important current events should be a basic human right. Is it too much to expect to be told the truth? To be informed before signing a consent form that states you understand the risks and waive your rights. To be unknowingly used as a guinea pig in the biggest gene therapy experiment in history? Is it safe for you to give parental consent for your children to be included in this experiment? when the long term effects of the vaccine are unknown. Do you give your Informed Consent?

How many of you can honestly say that you know that all of these miracle vaccines are still in their early testing stages? How many of you know that thousands of Doctors from all over the world are warning people not to take this vaccine? How many know that emergency laws have been passed to allow the government to give you an experimental drug? an mRNA gene treatment thats manufacturers have been given complete immunity from civil liability. The international press reported in July 2020 that manufacturers would be given the usual indemnification from liability for these vaccines, it didn’t even make the BBC news here?

Do you know that your life insurance policy might not cover you for any side effects from taking this new type of vaccine? Have you asked them? Does your policy have an experimental treatment clause? Have you talked to your Doctor or Nurse about any possible long term side effects? Have they properly informed you that this is an experimental new vaccine? Instead of looking into paid actors eyes, look into your Doctors or Nurses eyes and ask them if they honestly think it’s safe to vaccinate your children with any of these new vaccines? Ask them if they have read the notes included in the Vaccine? First do no harm?

Take off your mask, take some deep breaths of clean oxygen to clear your mind and think.

If you turned off your TV, went to your front door and looked out at your neighbours houses. Can you count how many of them have been hospitalised or died during this pandemic? How many members within your own extended family? How many in your circle of friends? How many music or movie stars have fallen victim to this “super Virus” How many politicians?

Why are supermarkets posting record profits instead of reporting increased staff death statistics? Have our supermarket hero workers gained herd immunity over the last year? Perhaps they’ve become germ hardened from listening to repetitive big brother messages played over the tannoy? Do Amazon, Royal mail, Parcel force workers etc wear special outfits that give them superior protection to this deadly virus? Perhaps fast food workers and their delivery drivers have better immune systems than the rest of us?

Why haven't we seen or heard any of these medical professionals views in our 'free' press


Why are the BBC really promoting these untested vaccines as safe?


Why are our kids now being included in this gene therapy experiment?

Why are we being constantly lied to?