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Sono quasi teneri, commovente vedere un colosso del web pensare che nel 2021 qualcuno sia realmente in grado di censurare qualcosa sulla rete...

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Vaccine analysis: let's take stock with Corvelva

Friday 9th April 2021

Heavy metals, insoluble polymers, notoriously toxic substances, retroviruses, genomic elements attributable to human fetuses… What do vaccines contain? We talked about it with Nassim Langrudi, president of the historian CORVELVA ASSOCIATION, for years at the forefront of defending freedom of choice in terms of vaccination and guaranteeing transparency in one of the most difficult commercial sectors.

Nassim, together with former parliamentarian Ivan Catalano, retrace the steps that in recent years have led to the analysis of the main vaccines on the market, and to requests for clarification from the competent supervisory bodies. Clarifications that have been completely disregarded, despite the disturbing results emerging from the analyzes: heavy metals, insoluble polymers, notoriously toxic substances, retroviruses, genomic elements attributable to human fetuses. Sometimes it even happened that the active ingredient underlying the vaccination was not found.

These studies were published in 2018 and 2019 and those present are invited to consult them. Consult Vaccinegate PEG in Covid Vaccines: the same compound reported by Corvelva in 2018 is indexed by Science.

Nassim then listed the lawsuits that to date the Association is still carrying out against the Public Prosecutor's Office which had requested the dismissal of the vaccine case.

We are proud and happy to give explosive news: our analyzes, which had led to a complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Rome, after a request for dismissal made by the Public Prosecutor and with our subsequent opposition, were today considered worthy of further study and the judge in charge has ISSUED AN ORDER in which he indicates to the Public Prosecutor the need to proceed with the investigation.

Here you can read the update on the vaccine analysis exposed.

Below is the video of the meeting.


News and updates on the complaint relating to vaccine analyzes commissioned by the Corvelva association.
PEG in vaccines: new substance? Not for us.
Covid-19 vaccines, general considerations on what we are seeing.
Let's take stock with Nassim Langrudi, president of Corvelva, Veneto Regional Coordination for Freedom of Vaccinations has been present since 1993 alongside parents for freedom of choice in terms of vaccination.

Novità e aggiornamento sull’esposto relativo alle analisi vaccini commissionate dall’associazione Corvelva. PEG nei vaccini: sostanza nuova? Non per noi. Vaccini Covid-19, considerazioni generali su ciò cui stiamo assistendo. Facciamo il punto con Nassim Langrudi, presidente Corvelva, Coordinamento Regionale Veneto per la Libertà delle Vaccinazioni è presente dal 1993 al fianco dei genitori per la libertà di scelta in tema vaccinale.

Who is Corvelva

The CORVELVA association - Veneto Regional Coordination for Freedom of Vaccinations - was born in 1993 and has the free choice of vaccinations as its principle.

In all these years he has actively managed the vaccination objection regarding the scholastic aspect, the Juvenile Court and sanctions, obtaining excellent results. These three obstacles, thanks to constant and continuous work, have been overcome by reaching the regional law of 2007 as a goal-apex, which determined the suspension of compulsory vaccination for all those born from January 1, 2008.

Since then, the Association's activity has focused on assisting those who have suffered damage due to compulsory and non-compulsory vaccines, and on research related to the issue of vaccine damage. Today, there is a new battle to be fought for the right of therapeutic choice. We continue our work of supporting families in every aspect of freedom of choice and care.


Our Mission

  • Freedom - Free choice of vaccinations, and therapeutics.
  • Information Information on the procedure for the compensation of damages suffered as a result of vaccination practices, as well as on the risks related to them.
  • Scientific research The principle of information on the entire scientific research relating to the efficacy of vaccinations, to the possible adverse reactions thereof, to the risks related to the standardization of vaccination practice.


Corvelva has been a leading light in the investigation into vaccine safety since 1993

Check out their website to see their in depth analysis and stories

Especially their Vacinegate page

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