I understand that it's hard to believe that the same strong Wifi signals that we crave and love, could be making us sick, but there is a wealth of overwhelming evidence to show that they are causing us all harm, especially our children, even while they are in the womb.  EMF exposure during pregnancy can also increase the risk of miscarriage.

An expectant mother abstains from alcohol and nicotine to protect their unborn baby,  but could be unknowingly harming their developing foetus with microwave radiation from their mobile phone or WiFi modem.  A strong correlation has been shown between Autism rates and pregnant mother's exposure to electromagnetic radiation levels where they sleep.  

Why are pregnant women not being made aware of this danger?  Why are Doctors and midwives unaware of it?  


Why is the government allowing these dangerous masts to be placed so close to nurseries, schools, colleges, churches, play parks, sports grounds, hospitals and retirement homes?  Why isn't the government using the precautionary principle before allowing the rollout of 5G in Northern Ireland?  Especially with the amount of evidence that proves the health risks already associated with 4G and its predecessor 3G?  Is it wilful blindness or ignorance?

Why has our government been encouraging wifi in schools when other countries are removing it because of the proven negative effects of EMF on children's concentration and behaviour?   Why are they ignoring the huge amount of peer reviewed papers that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this technology is very harmful to us, animals, insects and the environment?   

Thousands of scientists have formed groups all over the world to show that this new technology is not safe,  one of which can be seen here
2020 Consensus Statement of UK and International Medical and Scientific Experts and Practitioners on Health Effects of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR)

There is very strong evidence of cancer clusters near phone masts in the UK.

We're being constantly bombarded by WiFi, radio waves, microwaves and other sources of electromagnetic radiation,  this cumulative exposure to radio waves is immunosuppressive.  It weakens our own innate immunity.

We are surrounded by a dangerous Electrosmog, you can't see it, smell it or taste it, but it's omnipresent and soaking us in electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day.  Turn off your modem and check how many networks you can see on your phone.... 

WiFi networks, modems, mobile and cordless phones, televisions, microwaves and telecommunication masts are showering us in hundreds of frequencies that are known to be harmful to our health.   Check a list of frequencies here

The symptoms of EMF exposure include, headaches, sleep disturbances including insomnia, tiredness and fatigue, nausea, irritability, hearing disruptions, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, vertigo, dizziness, dysesthesia(painful often itchy sensation), movement difficulties, skin problems and depression.   
If these are the symptoms for adults,  how are these radio waves affecting our children?  4G uses 2.5Ghz which is the same frequency used by microwave ovens to cook food.  If your microwave doors glass was broken,  would you use it?  would you run it 24 hours a day?

There is an increased rate of depression and suicide among young male electric utility workers that work on these masts.  Why have no studies been undertaken to see if there is an increased risk of depression and suicide for people living close to these masts? 



Wealth of evidence of harm

There have been thousands of papers and studies showing the ill effects of this type of radiation,  I'm going to add a PDF file below that has a list of conclusions of studies that you can download and search for yourself.   I think it's important to remember that each one of these studies represent hundreds, if not thousands of hours of work.

All of this work has been peer reviewed and scientifically proven.  This information is freely available on the internet and shows clear evidence of harm from all of these different frequencies.   The telecommunications industry is well aware of these studies, but chooses to ignore the findings.  Lloyd's insurers of London now refuse to cover 5g and WiFi illnesses.... 

Check out these two videos,  the first is from Magda Havas from 2009!   This is an example of what EMF can do to your blood,   just from sitting in front of a computer or using a cordless phone.  The second example shows what happens when you sit close to one of the new smart meters that run at 900Mhz and can pulse up to 170,000 times a day.

Magda Havas, phd:  live blood and electrosmog (2009)

The effects of pulsed microwave radiation on blood

2000 Papers


Here is a sample of the frequencies that are used by our mobile phones

Here are the frequencies licensed by Ofcom for mobile and wireless broadband

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